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Why Val

“There’s a huge training myth out there. That MYTH is that Information = Something of Value.
FACT: Information = 0, unless people are inspired to act.”

~ Val Van Brocklin

Regardless of the topic, whether it’s a keynote or two-day seminar, Val knows that unless people are inspired to act on the information she’s provided, she’s merely enter-tained, not enter-trained.

The thread that runs through Val’s audience comments is her passion, energy and dynamic delivery of deep, cutting edge content – and the audience’s engagement, recharging of batteries, and inspiration to try the action steps Val provides.

Val doesn’t give cookie cutter presentations. She begins by contacting a representative number of audience members about the top 3 challenges or concerns they have about the topic she’s presenting on. She researches the client agency and audience. She uses this information to tailor her presentation and the handouts she provides.

After the presentation, Val makes herself available for conference calls and responds to emails from attendees.

See why Val is a top choice for a keynote speaker and trainer for public employees and their organizations and professional associations.

Meet Val

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