A New Approach to Preparing Witnesses.

Why is it critical for these people to win their courtroom confrontations – just because of who they are and what they represent?
  • Police
  • Corrections, probation and parole officers
  • Crime lab personnel
  • Child protection service workers
  • Experts from the medical, mental health, scientific, financial or other specialized professions
  • Anyone who regularly testifies in a criminal prosecution or government civil case
  • And the attorneys who prepare them.


Winning Courtrom ConfrontationsFirst, nothing will expose them to more intense, public scrutiny than their appearance in court. One courtroom confrontation can make or break their reputation and that of their organization.

Second, if just one of these witnesses loses their courtroom confrontation, all the work that they and others have done may be for NOTHING. Because of the special positions these witnesses hold, if just one of them loses their credibility in court — it can jeopardize the credibility of the entire case.

Testifying in today’s courtroom arena is a high stakes challenge. One for which witnesses are ill prepared. Businesses, the military, athletics, and first responders — all understand the importance of a winning attitude to winning performance in the field. Unfortunately, most witness preparation misses this critical point.

What is the winning attitude for your courtroom confrontations? And win what?

This training addresses these crucial questions and more:

  • The impact of attitude and beliefs on courtroom testimony
  • Writing a report that anticipates winning courtroom testimony
  • How to prepare the government’s attorney
  • Taking the opposing counsel by storm
  • Social media and how it’s being used to impeach witnesses
  • Rules of evidence – what you don’t know can cause a mistrial

Winning Courtroom Confrontations isn’t just cutting edge content.  It’s a “hold on to the witness stand,” highly charged, interactive program. It puts participants on the stand in real life courtroom scenarios tailored to the audience’s professions and cases. It also involves them as judges and jurors.


Here’s what some who have attended Winning Courtroom Confrontations have to say:

“After 15 years of police work, this is the best/most effective class I have attended on testifying.”

“Great methodology, great body language, very personable. She really cares about how this was taught.”



“Ms. Van Brocklin is knowledgeable, full of humor, but serious at the same time. An excellent speaker, actress, charmer, wonderful instructor in this area.” 

“As an attorney myself, that was the best instructional seminar on subject I’ve seen thus far. Well done.”


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