There are Amazons in Your Midst!

Winning Mindset

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This seminar debuted at the 1998 American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers International Training Conference to the tears, cheers, standing ovations and critical acclaim of law enforcement officers and trainers from around the world. And it’s only gotten better!

This program isn’t your father’s or mother’s gender bender training! And it isn’t about political correctness. Correct isn’t always right. It is about the duty of law enforcement to guide ALL of its members — Amazons and Warriors alike — to their heroic potential. To do that, we have to understand where the hero’s path for men and women comes together and where it takes the road less traveled by the other. Come take a walk on each other’s hero’s path.  We can all benefit from the hero in each of us.

You will master:

  • Shared traits in the leadership styles of male and female officers and how to use them to connect people and give new meaning to the work being done;
  • The unique leadership attributes and potential of male and female officers and how to tap them for the betterment of the profession;
  • How to use heroic myths, role models, and your own personal stories to inspire ALL officers to reach their professional heroic potential.

You will be challenged, “enter~trained,” and inspired.


Here’s what those who have attended are saying:

“I started … as a skeptic, I finished as a brand-new devoted Van Brocklin fan; that presentation was one of the most moving, most powerful, most inspirational performances I have ever had the honor of attending.”

“One of the most innovative and to the edge of your seat classes I have ever attended.”

“Every person should experience Van Brocklin.  They will be excited & entertained by her style — and — impressed by what she says.”

“Passionate, Articulate, High Energy, Intelligent, Humorous, A Hero For All to Emulate.”

“Motivation was wonderful.  I wouldn’t allow an officer to miss it!”

“Outstanding!  Great theater!  Great class!”

“The best class the entire [American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers] conference; instills an overwhelming feeling of empowerment; everyone (man & woman) should attend this class. Exceptional!”


Only ONE of the above audience comments is a woman’s. Which one is it?

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