Winning Hearts and Inspiring Action.

“Anyone can be a leader because anyone can serve.”
~ Dr. Martin Luther King

Leaders can be found anywhere in an organization. They are those who bring out the best in others and give meaning to the work to be done. This seminar provides the tools for such leadership to all.

You will take from this training:

  • Spirit-of-LeadershipA completed leadership audit of yourself and your organization;
  • An understanding of the impact of leaders’ beliefs on employee performance;
  • How to apply the power of belief to produce extraordinary performance results;
  • How to use the power of “Questioning Leadership” to produce extraordinary performance results;
  • The critical mindset for leading during especially difficult times;
  • Practical, how-to principles of spirited leadership that bring out the best in others and give new meaning to the work being done.


Using Val’s discovery learning method and interactive exercises you will master principles, strategies and applications of spirited leadership while being challenged and “enter~trained.” And — you will fire and forge a spirit that will inspire you and others to action. But be careful, you just may discover a cure for the common career.


Here’s what some who have attended this program have to say:

“One of the best presentations I have ever been to.”

“Brought structure to the ability to lead. Focused my purpose and encouraged belief in myself. Val is incredible. I would absolutely encourage my colleagues to attend this session.”

“Inspirational, extremely good and useful information.”

“Wonderful class — High Energy — Very entertaining, great information and presentation.”

“This is the best government training course I have attended.”

“Make this course mandatory attendance for all managers.”

“I took time at home this week to finish work so that I could be here. I am glad I did.”

“Very entertaining, passionate & spirited! Thank you, Valerie! I’m inspired!”


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