Heroic CynicismCurrent thinking in public service, medicine, and the ubiquitous self-help movement is that cynicism is a bad thing. Well, “Don’t worry; be happy!” or “Look on the bright side!” doesn’t cut it in the trenches of public service. And what if there’s a Heroic Cynicism that actually inspires a lasting and spirited dedication to life in the arena?

Cynicism has gotten a bad rap in modern times. But great leaders through the ages have always been Heroic Cynics … and Tactical Skeptics. This seminar explores the skill set of Tactical Skepticism and the Heroic Cynicism needed to sustain public servants’ spirits in their daily arena.

You will take from this training:

  • An understanding of the occupational risks of “bad” cynicism and its effects on public service work;
  • An understanding of the difference between cynicism and skepticism and their applications to public service work;
  • A completed personal cynicism audit;
  • How to capture and apply the power of Heroic Cynicism for a sustainable spirit and extraordinary performance results;
  • How to recruit for Heroic Cynicism;
  • Scenario-based training that prepares public servants to win against the things in their work that place them at high occupational risk for cynicism and its negative consequences;
  • A handbook of tools and additional resources for maintaining Heroic Cynicism.

Through Val’s discovery learning method and interactive exercises, you will master principles, strategies and applications of Heroic Cynicism while being challenged and “enter-trained.” And – you will fire and forge a spirit that will sustain you and others in the daily arena of public service.


Here’s what some who have attended Heroic Cynicism – Life in the Arena have to say:

“Anything with Val Van Brocklin is money. I’ve listened to her several times over the years and she always delivers. Her presentations are fresh, timely and she’s a very good presenter.”

“Exceeded expectations. Excellent presentation.”

“Great speaker. Would like to attend future trainings with her as a speaker.”

“Great presentation. This was the 3rd time I’ve heard Val speak. Every time she makes it interesting and relevant.”

“Very entertaining and thought provoking. Enjoyed her very much.”

“Loved Val, she hit a home run with her presentation. It was very uplifting.”


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