ReBluing Virtue.

Police work is one of the most ethically dangerous occupations in the world. Why? Because it involves:
  • High stakes
  • The exercise of tremendous power
  • Decisions that must be made under intense pressures, and
  • That are often unsupervised.


Ethical Challenges of Modern PolicingPolice know that rebluing is the practice of reconditioning the outside of the worn barrel of a weapon to bring it back to its original condition and luster. Rebluing Virtue invites participants to examine and possibly reblue some of their own sights on the ethical challenges of policing.

The ethical dangers of policing pose serious risks and consequences for officers, their departments, and the public. This training prepares officers for this complex arena by addressing such challenges as:

  • When do most officers first realize how ethically dangerous their work is?
  • Do they feel adequately prepared at the time and under the circumstances?
  • If not, when must their preparation begin and how?
  • What are the ethical dangers facing officers today?
  • What is the most common form of law enforcement corruption? (It’s not what you think or what most ethics training focuses on.)
  • What is the individual officer’s personal ethical baseline and does it square with the courts’ and public’s view?
  • Does legal equal ethical and, if it doesn’t, which should be the guiding light for law enforcement and why?
  • What are proactive strategies for addressing the ethical challenges of policing in the recruitment phase and continuing throughout officers’ careers?


Participants will master the answers to these questions and their practical application on the job through scenario-based training and interactive exercises while being challenged and “enter~trained.”


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